How Important Are Valuable Backlinks?

For as long as I’ve made websites, I’ve added a link at the bottom of their website linking to mine, this is common practice but I’ve never realised how much influence these links would have towards the SEO value of my own website.

I’ve been improving my websites’ SEO for as long as I can remember and with almost every searchterm I want to be found with I’m on the first page, however mostly at the bottom of  the first page, so this still needed some improvement!

My Solution? Giving my clients a SEO-boost

For the past months I’ve been working hard on improving the SEO for the websites of my clients (which contain a link to my own website), I’ve helped many of their websites obtain a first-page position in Google on various different terms. Some (like and even take over the entire first page with a few terms.

The Result?

By simply updating their SEO I’ve been able to get up to 3 spots higher in Google then before. So if you’re having trouble being found on Google you may want to check your backlinks!