Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Companion Auto Update for WordPress.

What’s the difference between this plugin and WordPress 5.5?

WordPress 5.5 was released recently and it packs tons of new features. One of those features is auto-updates for plugins and themes. Something Companion Auto Update does too.

So obviously, some of you wondered what the difference would be between the default WordPress method and the one offered by Companion Auto Update and I figured I’d quickly write a blog about it, explaining the differences.

You can read this blogpost here

Can I disable auto updating for certain plugins?

Yes, we offer you a setting to turn off (or on) auto-updating on a per plugin basis. Just head over to Companion Auto Update Dashboard > Update filter and uncheck plugins that you wish to update manually.

Why doesn’t auto-updating work when I’m using cPanel?

A few years ago cPanel added a line by default that would disable auto-updating. According to cPanel this can be fixed by removing the line “AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED” from your wp-config file.

Why doesn’t this Paid / Pro plugin update automatically?

The default WordPress auto-updating system does not allow for paid plugins and themes to be updated. Right now I’m looking for a way around it but for the time being you’ll have to update those manually.

Why isn’t my theme by Elegant Themes updating?

For some reason this plugin seems to have trouble with updating themes by Elegant Themes on some installs. I’ve reached out to Elegant Themes and they couldn’t help me. They said that if you’re experiencing problems with it you should contact them and they would help you with it.

Why am I getting weird or different interval options?

We’re using the default WordPress interval system (with a few custom intervals added) to give you the options, this means that anyone can add their own intervals but this also means that if other plugins come with their own interval they too will show up in this list.

So if you’re getting different options per site or seeing strangely named options in the list this probably means that some plugin or theme is adding these options.