Since version 3.7 we’ve introduced a block for the new gutenberg editor that comes with WordPress since version 5.0. While we will continue to update this block with more features and thus recommend this block over the shortcode we will not drop the shortcode.

But, we will remove the shortcode generator from the plugin in a future update. Instead, we’ll explain how to use the shortcode on this page.


Use the basic version

The basic shortcode will load the the sitemap with default settings. (1 column, orderby date (ASC) ).


Double columns

With the shortcode you can display two columns (the gutenberg block offers up to four). This can be done by using the columns=”2″ argument.

html-sitemap columns="2"

Order by title instead of by date

By default the shortcode orders by date, but you can change this to title using the orderby=”name” argument.

html-sitemap orderby="name"

Changing the order

You can invert the sorting order by using the sort=”desc” argument.

html-sitemap sort="desc"


You can limit the number of posts to display per block. (-1 for all posts)

html-sitemap limit="100"

The full shortcode

The full shortcode with all arguments is as follows:

html-sitemap columns="2" orderby="name" sort="desc" limit="100"