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Companion Auto Update is one of my WordPress plugins available to download for free. If you like it please consider donating.

Version has been rated 9.6 out of 10 based on 102 reviews.

About this pluginDescription

Companion Auto Update is a powerful and completely free plugin that allows you to manage all the updates on your WordPress site. Our aim is to give you the best control over these updates and stay in the know at all times.

We understand that you might not always be able to check if your WordPress site has any updates that need to be installed. Especially when you maintain multiple websites keeping them up-to-date can be a lot of work. This plugin can help you with that. We’ll keep your site up-to-date and keep you posted about what’s happening and notify you when we need your help with something.

If you have a feature suggestion or idea you’d like to see in the plugin, we’d love to hear about it! Suggest a Feature

Main features

  1. Auto-updating for plugins, themes, core and translation files
  2. Set at what time you wish to update
  3. Filter plugins and themes to not be updated
  4. E-mail notifications about old software, pending updates and completed updates
  5. An update log with all updates
  6. Option to delay automatic updates with an x number of days

Full control over everything

Full control, that’s what this plugin is all about. With this plugin you can enable (or disable) automatic updating for plugins, themes, WordPress core updates (both minor and major can be changed separately) and for translation files. Don’t want to run the updater for all plugins? Don’t worry, just disable auto updating for the plugins you’d like to skip and we can even notify you when there’s an update for these plugins so you can go and update them yourself.


By default we’ll check for updates twice a day but you can change this to several different options if you’d like. When choosing to update on a daily basis you can even select at what time you’d like it to run. Besides the updaters you can also schedule te notifications, want to update every hour but only recieve notifications once a day? No problem!
Sometimes developers will push an update that will cause errors on your site, they’ll often fix it within a day but if the updater has run in the mean time it can cause all kinds of issues. Now you can choose to delay updates with an x number of days to prevent this from happening.

Know what’s happening

We want you to know what’s happening on your website. This plugin offers settings for various email notifications. We can send you an email when an update is available, when a plugin has been updated or when wordpress has been updated.
But if you don’t want to recieve emails about this you can still log in and view the changelog to see what happened.

Check it outScreenshots

  1. Full control over what to update and when to recieve notifications

    Full control over what to update and when to recieve notifications

  2. Disable auto-updating for certain plugins and/or themes

    Disable auto-updating for certain plugins and/or themes

  3. Advanced scheduling options for updating and notifcations

    Advanced scheduling options for updating and notifcations

  4. Keep track of updates with the update log

    Keep track of updates with the update log

Reviews9.6 / 10

Great plugin

By bhtvdmeer on May 29, 2023

Great plugin. You need to check your site from time to time because automatic updating can go wrong if a host is not very stable. But that is not the fault of this plugin.

Wonderful plugin albeit a past hiccup

By TekGirlyMama on February 7, 2023

Just wanted to thank the plugin author, Papin, for all his time and great work o this free plugin. I hope he goes on maintaining it. It was not updated since wp6.0.3 but it works PERFECTLY well, so I assume no need for Papin to unnecessarily waste his time.

WP now has auto updates, but sans all the features and fine-tuning this plugin enables.

Looks like it's no longer maintained

By Jon York on June 22, 2022

I've used this plugin for several years on many, many websites and it has worked absolutely flawlessly. Never a day of trouble from it. And it has saved me unbelievable amounts of trouble. So I really hate that it has come to this - but while it's still working on my WP 6.0 sites, it has not been updated and tested for use with 6.0. I haven't had any trouble with it except I'm getting bombarded with notices each day from all my websites saying I have an "outdated" plugin. It turned out it was this one. This one hasn't been updated in the last 3 months and 6.0 has been out for a month now. That's scaring me that it's no longer being supported so I'm going to be trying something else for now.

Super easy for my staging enviremont

By Dave Loodts (davelo) on June 14, 2022

We use this amazing plugin on all our staging sites. Handy to have a log of which plugins have updates in the last week.

Muito bom

By lucaslima28 on June 25, 2022

Recomendo muito para deixar seu wordpress devidamente atualizado

Doesn't work

By Wendihihihi on January 29, 2022

Stopped working long time ago. Asked for a solution on the forum, but no reply. Going to look for alternatives.

Very good and free

By ideaWeb (ideaweb) on January 24, 2022

Very good plugin and free

Excellent plugin!

By ads (ecomturbo) on January 11, 2022

So far an excellent plugin! Well done Pappin. I just wish you were replying to all reviews especially the one saying that this plugin is slowing down sites.

I don't trust this plugin

By markzoi on March 12, 2021

After installing this plugin in about 20 websites I find out that I was blocking the autoupdate from WPML plugins (perfectly register with my license key) all other plugins and theme updates where working ... So I had several issue by passing from a old version of WPML to last versions in some websites!

Excellent plugin, amazing work and support, thank you!

By guilamu on December 22, 2020

Excellent plugin, amazing work and support, thank you!

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