Companion Auto Update keeps growing and with that growth more and more suggestions keep coming in on what features you’d like to see in this plugin. And we love it! Your feedback is what made this plugin what is and what it’ll become so keep ’em coming!

But, not all features can be added at once, some require a lot of work and testing. So we figured we’d add a little list of features we’re working on.

It’s not 100% guaranteed that all of these will make it to the final version but we’ll do our best!

Open tasks

Customize the email trough hooks

We’ll be adding a few hooks and filters to the actual emails so you can add or change the emails completely.

Rollback feature

While this plugin may be all about updating, sometimes you may want to downgrade. We want this to be an option within this plugin.

Updating of paid plugins and themes

Right now only plugins and themes in the free WordPress repository will be updated, we want this to work with (most of the) paid plugins too.

Semantic version updating

Have the option to choose between auto-updating for all versions or only minor versions (just like how you can select between the Major and Minor updates for WordPress updates)

E-mail enhancements

If you will add the plugin’s version number, when sending the email check if this version is the latest, and if not – add a text to encourage folks to update it with a link to the plugin’s download page



E-mail enhancements

1. Link to the plugin’s main page at (to promote the plugin)
2. Link to the plugin’s support page at

Introduced in version 3.8.3

Better handling of plugins with an unknown WP version

Plugins that have an unknown value at “Tested up to WordPress version xx” should be handled a bit better. Not sure how yet though.

Introduced in version 3.8

More intervals for notifications

Select a different interval for different types of notifications

Introduced in version 3.8

Update delay

The option to delay updates with an X number of days

Introduced in version 3.7

Alert about old software

Sometimes a plugin developer will stop updating the plugin. After a while this plugin can become a massive security risk. When we introduce this feature you’ll be notified of such plugins.

Introduced in version 3.7


We’ll work on a feature to allow certain parts of the plugins settings to certain userroles.

Introduced in version 3.6

Translation updates in Log

Include translation updates in the log.

Introduced in version 3.5.4

Statuspage items to the Site Health

Add items of the status page (errors etc.) to the default WordPress Site Health check page.

Introduced in version 3.5.4

Better e-mails: Pending updates

First, it would be useful to include a link to the Update section of the WP dashboard instead of a link to the site base url:
{baseurl}/wp-admin/update-core.php instead of {baseurl}
This way, an admin can go directly to the list of pending updates.

Second, I wonder if it is possible to include a list of plugins/themes to be updated? Right now, the notification email only says “There are one or more plugin updates waiting…“. It would be helpful to know which ones are pending.

Introduced in version 3.5.3

Theme selection

Just like with plugins we want you to be able to select certain themes to not update automatically

Introduced in version 3.4.6

Note: this feature is broken in a later version of the plugin, we’ll try to get it back a.s.a.p.